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I'm happy to hear it. I could tell your assistance would be required based on what I had observed upon my arrival. He and the first ex-husband of the deceased were extremely distraught. I thank you for coming out and all of the efforts put forward by your team. - Constable 1 District, A Platoon

That is really nice to hear that she is getting the help that she needs. It's nice that you guys can make a difference in her life. Thank you for reaching out to her. - Constable

Thank you for the follow up and the initial response. We truly appreciate all you do - Thanks again, constable

We should be thanking YOU more often for this very valuable service. I just got off the phone with the client and he is very thankful for all of you help and the follow up phone call. He told me he feels supported by experts and has a place to turn if he needs help. - NRPS Sergeant

I must thank VSN for all the hard work and dedication. It’s greatly appreciated. - NRPS Constable