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"The help I received from Victim Services at the time of my tragedy and up until today has made me the person that I am today. It is a continual help; I keep knocking on their door whenever I need it and they are always there for me"

24/7 Emergency Referral Line

Emergency Referral Line — 905-682-2626

If you are in danger and require immediate assistance call 911.

Assistance is provided by specially trained Crisis Responders who are available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

It is your right to choose not to be alone.

 Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario-(VCAO)

On-scene crisis intervention and a bridge to other community services which can provide long term support (Victim Quick Response Program - VQRP)

These services are designed to meet the most immediate needs of victims, who may need:

  • The immediate response of someone being there to support them in a time of crisis.
  •  Someone to speak to about ways to ensure their safety, immediate and in the future.
  • Someone who has time to listen and is empathetic.
  • Someone who will hold their hand, help make difficult telephone calls.
  • Assistance with identifying options and appropriate community resources that will help with the next steps.

Victim Quick Response Program (VQRP)

Timely financial assistance for victims of violent crime. It is designed to support victims in the immediate aftermath of a violent crime in order to address of the event and increase a victim's safety. It can emergency expenses, such as lock changes and window and door repairs, funeral and counseling expenses Safety planning – creating a personal safety plan to prepare in event for the possibility of further violence.

Safety Planning 

Creating a personal safety plan for victims can be a first step in providing a feeling of reassurance and security, and help prevent further victimization.

 Mobile Tracking Emergency Response System  (MTERS)

A GPS enabled intervention strategy to address the need to enhance the safety of individuals identified as high risk